Gio as a Guitarist

As someone surely knows, I’m a guitarist, mainly (in addiction to producing music -from hip hop to movie soundtracks-

I began in my teens and my first influence was Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple)

Later I discovered Steve Vai, Joe Satriani , and also jazz guitarists as Wes Montgomery, Djiango Reinhardt

I liked house music and disco/funky influenced by the 70s and the 80s- so I began to play “that funky music” at home, in small venues and also, I began to work as a session guitarist

Now I consider my style a cross between Funky ,Rock, Blues and Jazz- not forgetting all the “new wave”-80s guitarists as Steve Stevens, or other of minor importance,but who contributed to create that sound (with a minimal approach)


Examples of my style (every track is played)


Un pensiero riguardo “Gio as a Guitarist

  1. Hi dude! You are a great guitar teacher and music composer! Congrats for your new online commitment!

    Mi piace


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