80s Funky: Cameo

The band of Larry Blackmon is one of those that you cannot forget: the  voice, the super melodic songs, and the legendary riff of “Word Up”. This is an example of eighties’ (even if they started in the 70s) funky-pop music with a smooth, dynamic sound, full of different influences, a sort of Synth-driven Rnb with guitars and lush keyboards. They often used rock guitar sounds (typical of those years, for example the production of SOS Band -Just be good to me -a gem, that blends  electronica, rock and funky ). Great songs like Word Up use a rock-influenced sequence of three simple chords, and a funkier riff of sus chords (that sound very “disco”) . Other songs have guitar solos a la Van Halen-like the solo on Candy, that uses tapping and slide- (you tap the guitar fretboard with a finger of the right hand and let it slide on certain group of notes), and also Back and Forth, another example of a fluid rock/distorted guitar solo. I also like the guitar work on “Don’t be lonely “: a simple vamp of muted notes in funky style, in the verses, and almost all thru the song, then, out of the blue, a great, melodic soft rock solo resembling the Eagles (especially in the tone)




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