Going Back 2 my Roots: disco guitar

Odissey’s Going Back To My Roots is one of the Disco masterpieces, one of those songs that defined an era, full of good vibes, soulful vocals, groovey drums and bassline. Let’s take a look, as always, at the guitar work. A spiky guitar lick plays all thru the song, plus you have a great solo with a wha wha (and probably another effect , like a talk box or similar, something very “seventies”,,,) and some cool fills here and there. The single notes riff (lick?) played with the usual “laidback” technique (of funky music guitarists) with the right wrist that performs a  constant, pendulum-like swing- and palm muting. The solo is something very Hendrix-like, full of pentatonic scales and feeling, but more modern.




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