Nile Rodgers’ Guitar on “Spacer”

1979: Sheila B. Devotion’s single “Spacer” rule the disco floors and the charts. The song is disco-oriented, pop, easy listening and sang by a pretty French young woman. It’s interesting to watch Nile himself explaining the chords of the song and how to play them. The sequence is pretty easy and common, but it’s the funky touch that makes the difference. Watch his Masterclass where he talks about most of his famous songs and productions. Chords are easy, like I said, but they are played very precisely and, althought he talks  about “Pop” in this video -and the fact that this genre usually don’t use complex chords like “minor 11th” ones, well, in my opinion this is not pure “pop” and that sequence from minor 11th to minor 7 is perfect for the “melancholy/futuristic mood” of the song. The solo is great, as well – I suppose it’s him -coz I know he is a good soloist, as well



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