Nile Rodgers’ Guitar on “I want your love”

This morning I woke up and immediately -after making myself a tea, went to the computer and wanted to write something more about the fabulous Mr Rodgers. I watched his masterclass video once again and I even had problems following the simple, but fast chord changes in “I want your love”. The chords are very simple (all minor, minor 7th or 11th or maj7) and this was not the problem. The main difficult thing is to keep the funky rhythm-pattern for most of the song! Especially in the verses part, where he seems to keep that same Am7 that never ends until the chorus- I guess the most handy technique is to forget about the bass and use the index finger as barre in the fifth fret.

In his video he doesn’t play with the same timing and precision of the original song, so I needed to listen to it again and again (for my pure pleasure-this is a gem of the disco era). And as I embraced my guitar and started to jam, I realized this is a great track to play along with, even for guitarists who just begun to learn guitar (one year of practise is needed, or less). Listen to Chic-I want your love -the original video -shot in the late 70s – and tell me : don’t you just wanna jam with this song? Ah, to be there and play with this incredible band! Ah..I was almost forgetting: near the very end of the song, he makes a “slide” technique, playing the same Am7 chord with a higher voicing (an inversion) , creating an impression that “something new” will happen,,,but unluckily ,,,it ends





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