I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

I am amazed by the huge number of incredible songs this man wrote in his long career:this song is part of the double album “Sign of the times” (1989) and in my personal opinion, it’s one of the best of his discography. The style is a mixture of Americana/Roots melodies (three simple major chords) and a Glam Pop/Rock sound -with a “60’s Beat”-drum groove-featuring a great trumpets riff that is the trademark of the song. The guitar solos are two: I prefer the first one because of its huge positivity, energy (it’s in all the song)—and use of melodies with (strictly for musicians ) major scales – precise bendings – as always – that particular “tone” . The solo really brings the song to another galaxy and in my view it is one of the things that this man had inside him, a tendency tto reach the far away spiritual worlds (call it God or what you like) with his music and playing.

The second solo is bluesy/funky and more quiet, it’s like a separate thing from the main song,probably it serves as pure  entertainment, to make the audience feel different vibes (more black music oriented). and to bring the song to a jazzy end (with a final reprise of the riff) . This song is : WoW ! And say no more.I could never take the place of your man



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