Ladies Nite In Buffalo (Steve Vai)

well, the song is actually by David Lee Roth (former Van Halen’s frontman), but what is interesting here, is the incredible, extraordinary work of Mr Steve Vai. Former Frank Zappa’s guitarist, Steve Vai made two albums with Lee Roth. This song, Ladies nite in Buffalo, not only is a danceable funky/disco rock with 70s vibes, it features one of the GREATEST SOLOS in Modern Music ! And I dont say rock, funky, whatever,,,,I say modern music…Because of its fluidity, melody, unusual approach to the musical phrasing, techniques, everything. A collection of bendings, sweeps, slides, legatos, tremolo bar technique and a super chillful, sexy and relaxed atmosphere that amazes me after all these years. Steve Vai is one of the ten greatest guitarists of all time in my personal view.

Listen to this song and to all his work, you will be filled with eargasm all day and night !



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