Greg Howe

Greg Howe  is the best guitarist in the history of modern music. period. Blues and jazz phrasing blend in super fluid modern techniques (let’s call it hypertechniques) without losing the melody and direction of the song. Introspection is an album that will blow your mind, especially Jump Start – a track that has got blues, jazz feel and incredible legato runs that take the song to another galaxy. You will be experiencing total eargasm when he switches the blues/jazz mood to something faster and neoclassical with that liquid sound and bendings: this is something never heard before, not in this world, anyway. The song will not bore you, with its always changing styles, and colors. This is a threat: listen, study him or just sell your guitars. Or just listen to this heavenly music peacefully, for the joy of it. One of the top 3 guitarists of all times. Damn



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