Jimi Hendrix: Introduction

Jimi Hendrix is important, in the history of Rock Guitar, for one main thing:

his style (a blend of blues, rock, psichedelia) was incredibly personal. You can listen to a lot of songs by him and always find that typical phrasing and tone. He used to love a tone range that went from a crunchy bluesy sound to something more distorted and aggressive. Passion is the word when it comes to Hendrix: it seems that the man was the guitar and the guitar was the man- there is no separation from the instrument, like in many others guitarists- with Jimi, the feeling is extraordinarily intense, even when he plays simple phrases made of those two notes chords which are part of pentatonic major or minor scales. Vibrato is one of the best of all guitarists (and I mean all decades, not only the Sixties).a simple “hammer- on” made by Hendrix is worth a thousand speedy guitarists’ work (sorry I dont mean everyone). I never studied his  guitar parts (a part from The Wind Cries Mary and maybe Foxy Lady or Purple Haze) note for note : why ? Because I dont wanna spoil the “magic” of listening to him playing forever. I dont wanna rationalize Art at this level, this is pure music, like Mozart, Bach, Beethowen- this is magic plus technique, sensitivity, creativity. i will try to cover some songs of him, trying to find out the proper words to describe this incredible musician’s style and typical phrasing and techniques.



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