The Kings of Blues

There are many kings in blues music, I want to begin with Albert: an amazing guitarist, who is considered one of the best (with B.B. King) of this genre. I must say that there is one album that I consider a masterpiece: I wanna get funky– 1973- and this is because you can see how the pure electric blues blends real fine with funkier/jazzy and Rnb (Rhythm and Blues) moods. The touch, the tone are top notch. the album is interesting because he incorporated all these variations , you have blues in minor, funky stuff a la Herbie Hancock, with brasses and wha wha guitar, and Soul music with a strong blues feel. I discovered him very late in my career, but , wow man! He’s really the King- I suggest this album to everyone who loves passionate music , of course if you’re into EDM it is possible you wont enjoy it, but give it a try



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