The smooth style of HiramBullock

I was fed up of music, just came back from a rendez-vouz with some friends guitarist, we talked of guitarists and styles and hyper-techniques, and this and that,and all that jazz…I really needed something to chillout that could help me forget the everyday problems , the mind’s struggles and hyper concentration. Searching in the fusion section,,,I found this beautiful music, something that I never listened to before, for all these years of guitar playing I wasn’t aware of Hiram Bullock . Amazing player.  Abstract, relaxed moods and a fluid, elegant , groovey guitar with slow lines, intriguing melodies, a fusion of jazzy, blues, funky, and simply : music as it should be. Another song : window shopping. It reminds me of something related to my youth, those feelings of “controlled” melancholy mixed with energy and smooth grooves, typical of the eighties. Hiram had a unique style made of funky, jazz, blues and rock sounds all in one incredible, passionate (this, is the most important thing) style. If you don’t like intellectual complex textures that brings nowhere and leave you with a headache, but you prefer smooth, groovey sounds, positive vibes and a fluid guitar, this guitarist is for you.



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