Flesh for Fantasy (Steve Stevens)

the song is famous as one of the MTV/ 80s icon, Billy Idol ‘s most famous songs.

Flesh for fantasy– has got so many ideas, and one superb guitar work. Steve Stevens is one of my favourite guitarists- because he always finds the right sounds, the right arrangements for every song – and he played in many Billy Idol’s songs- I will write some other review in the next days/weeks. OK, let’s say that if a song needed so many different styles melt together for a magic atmosphere, well, this is the song. Stevens plays funky muted single note riffs- distorted -but technologic (guitar synth) sounds , hard rock oriented- a super cool new wave (fast) arpeggio (and I use new wave as genre name, like,,,everything with a minimal approach to the guitar, not punk, not rock, typical of the 80s)- this is only the beginning, later, as the song builds, he adds a fantastic little run that takes us to an arrangement with a oblique, rock melody and  the chorus, pure eargasm of textures made of a funky rock riff, another funky clean guitar and other little fills.

What a wonderful, amazing guitar  player, one who puts all his music skills for the music and the song, and not for the purpose of showing off. The song has got a harder-hard rock riff, towards the special (neo classical strings and stuff) and it ends with ad lib choruses. Wow!




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