The Breakfast Club

The breakfast club is (or was) a very cool band who produced this song: Right On Track– They were friends and collaborators of the early Madonna (did some songs with her and left a huge influence on her 80s Funky/Pop sound) – this song is super and very very “eargasm maker” I would say…why? Because there is a great interaction of the drum rhytms with the synths, the bass (slapped, played with a precise and incredible groove) and of course the guitar. Everything is perfectly and precisely studied and played with the intention of creating grooving lines of melodies that seldom leave a space blank. The guitar is not so important in the mix, we hear just some funky riffs and a heavy sound guitar in the chorus and the special, but what it amazes me after all these years is the incredible craftsmanship of those people of the 80s: songs made to dance and to fantasize over things- pure eargasm, I tell ya!



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