Prince: “Why u wanna treat me so bad?”

The late 70s were an incredible era to live: you had tv shows with Robbie Williams, movies like The Warriors, amazing clothes, disco clubbing at its best and a general, relaxed and optimistic life style. I’m amazed to find out more and more early Prince’s songs, that, to be honest, I never heard so far (my bad) and one of these gems is Why U wanna treat me so bad…I don’t wanna sound too technical ,here,,,let’s say that the song has got that typical relaxed mood (major7 chords) and sound , that still is guitar-oriented, and not too much synth-filled, so far (like we’re entering the 80s but we’re still in the 70s).

It’s not always easy to write about these kind of things, like the special eras (periods) of music and of course, life and society. I was a little kid in north east Italy, back then, but american culture was everywhere and influenced our lives a lot. That era was filled with joy of living and relaxed moods, music and all the things related to (as  fashion, for example).

The chord sequence is made to create a “feel good” sensation , with the perfect interplay of keyboards and guitars (played with a harmony of thirds in the intro and some fills)

The guitar solo is like WOW , Prince shows his talent even at a young age (he was around 20) . I said it before, but I will say it again: Prince was an incredible guitarist, with a precise touch, timing and sense of melody. All the solo makes you feel good with passionate playing, sweet notes, fast runs, an amazing , blues rock tone. Why did you treat us so GOOD, Prince? Thanks for all the great music you gave us in all these years.



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