Ace Frehley’s amazing guitar style

I must tell that I adore that sloppy, bluesy, pentatonic-filled 70s hard rock guitar playing: to me rock n roll (rock in general) should be lazy, loose, and not too precise, a  passionate touch, some nice licks and riffs, and Frehley is the perfect example/stereotype of this kind of guitarist when it comes to simple but effective playing. That crunchy distortion on major chords and bluesy/country rock bendings and vibratos, like for example in  Christine Sixteen– Or the metal sound on Calling Dr Love with those typical bendings and pentatonic triplets a la Jimmy Page – and how to forget Love Gun with nice harmonies of thirds in the verses, and a great solo with -once again- pentatonics, bendings, vibratos and passion- that’s the ingredient for Rock n Roll.

Kiss aren’t the same without Ace- they had a few good guitarists but the seventies era is the only one that left a mark on rock n roll history and made millions of teenagers dream about a fantasy life where almost everything was possible.

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