The Asian moods of Marty Friedman

I like the exotic, far east influenced moods of Scenes by the american virtuoso guitarist Marty Friedman (ex cacophony and megadeth) : in this album, filled with relaxing, meditating atmospheres, he plays in a sublime way, full of passion and balance, not a fast run for the sake of it, but feeling and bluesy licks mixed with asian melodies.In the intro we hear a peaceful melody resembling all the far east Asian continent ‘s typical traditional notes, really heavenly- I’m immediately projected into monasteries with monks, Buddha’s statues and mountains and beautiful landscapes. Amazing, indeed. This is how this genre should be played. Capturing the true essence of the Asian spirit – it’s like watching “Shaolin Temple” with a young Jet Li…incredible, when I think about the fact that a few of my guitar friends kept on telling me (over the years) that Marty often uses asian scales, I was curious, but it’s only this month and year that I listen to this masterpiece for the very first time. You will hear lots of asian traditional phrasing -not just “scales” like they say…Chinese pentatonic major and minor scales are at the base of the melodies, but they are often played in “fourths” harmonies.

And it can almost be used as a relaxation music, it’s really quiet and ethereal.

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