Prince: Diamonds and Pearls

I must admit this is one of my favourite Prince’s songs. When I bought the CD back in ’91, I was completely amazed by this caleidoscope of sounds, melodies, textures and the general heavenly, relaxed atmosphere of the song. If I start to analyze the composition, it’s based mainly on a mixolidian mode (a variation of a major scale) , with tunes very close to Indian culture, that creates that special feeling.  Plus the guitar makes some fills here and there, with an harmonizer and that unique “enhanched mid-trebles” tone…There’s a moment when he says “give u the world” and they play an Em(7) chord, after all those major chords, that is very cool to listen coz he plays an Hendrix-like bluesy fill (it’s low in the mix, but pay attention and you can hear it) -well, this was Prince: he focused in every detail of the song: not only the melody, the instruments, but also little details that are important in the general picture- and I must say I totally agree with his “baroque” vision of music.



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