RnB and Guitar (part 2)

I wanna begin this part 2 with a singer who is really representative of the RnB world, I’m talking of MIchael Jackson’s little sister Janet Jackson, who surely does not need introductions (I hope) : I wanna listen closely to most of her discography now, just to find out some hidden gems I still haven’t listen to (for a generation gap being a little younger than Janet and she started very young, in 1982). I will start with a song that as a matter of fact is not so RnB but it’s more a clash of influences, groovey programmed drums meet an heavenly melody, all over America’s Ventura Highway’s acoustic guitar riff: Someone to call my lover . A lot of her songs are amazing, but being this article about guitar, I have to focus on guitar (!) . Another  cool artist who did a lot of great tracks is Kelly Rowland, if you listen to the great guitar work on this song : Stole– a song that features rock guitars, natural harmonics a la Red Hot Chili Peppers and some Hendrix-like fill here and there. My compliments to the guitarist who played the arrangemets, here, well done!

Now, trying to randomly think about all the Rnb songs that I listened to in my life…all of a sudden I remember this song Beautiful– by Snoop Dogg and Pharrell- RnB with some latin influences and a great synchopated rhythmic guitar -stopping every chord.I also like the “melancholic/flamenco/spanish” guitar in this song by Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl-even if I don’t consider it a proper “song”…and yes, it’s not even proper RnB…however…Another  song and guitar part that amazes me is Mindful by K Michelle, a talented singer songwriter rapper and musician (wow) –  all the track is very well produced with a (difficult) part of guitar, muted arpeggios and natural harmonics textturing with a cool chords sequence that really take the song to other directions (psicologically) -I mean, it’s not that often nowadays, that I can hear some good “song”- a song is supposed to have a structure with mood changes or melodies that remain in the listener’s mind, innit?




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