Top 20 Prince’s guitar riffs and solos Part 2

OK, for Part 2 I’m really considering his technical musician side, his skills as a super guitarist, capable to do a wide range of styles and create different moods- so I want to start with

10- I’m Yours– From the very first album, this song is really energic, the intro is almost Prog Rock with a melody that could be written by Mike Oldfield, like a melancholic rock soundtrack…all thru’ the track there is a riff that keeps on playing, plus a small, but very fast solo (alternate picking) very hard rock…

9- Colorized Mind– A slow soul ballad a la Hendrix/Bob Dylan, where the guitar plays elegant licks (double stops) and high notes themes- with a super cool tone, very early 70s-plus a great blues solo

8- Dolphin– this song is full of guitars: the tremolo guitar chords at the beginning creating a sense of deep water, the rock rhythic  that comes immediately after, the tremolo guitar solo (first one) and the second , amazing rock solo filled with melody.

7-Guitar– the opening riff of this song is simple  but I like it, like a new wave rock kinda thing- I also like the Girls and Boys -like verses’ part- the solo is good, as well, with some wha wha and bendings..

6-Moonbeams levels– early 80s song, not too famous but a unique gem, an almost like Prog Rock song with arrangements that resembles Brian May or Mick Ronson, very “opera”-like with strange melodies and key changes (for non musicians, you will notice the song often changes mood and atmosphere)

5- Just my imagination– in this wonderful ballad, Prince plays simple soul licks with slides, until the fantastic solo ! Heavenly melodies and a unique tone, plus bendings, shredding (very mild)  and basic effects (echo or something) – are the ingredients for this futuristic musical sweet cake. Listen to the song on the video, the song is part of a famous bootleg called “Small Club”(1988).

4- Wherever you go, whatever you do– Beautiful soft rock song with a mild distorted guitar and a blues/country ballad solo, and an arrangement with a muted guitar that reminds me of Police and the British new wave of the 80s mixed with a classic americana style.

3-Vavoom-simply post Hendrix licks that brings you to another galaxy – double harmonies and psichedelic (sometimes reminds me of Cream-the band with Clapton, I mean, not the song) Great sound indeed

2- Cinnamon Girl– I like how he plays guitar here, very rock oriented , always changing style, starting with bendings, adding those chords in the chorus, keeping the rock feel for all the song, precise as always.

1- The first place is occupied by “The Morning Papers”, and you can read my previous article about it here :my article

To cut a long story short, in order to write these 2 parts of my article bout Prince, I stayed home all Saturday and listened to a lot of songs that I never knew before , in addition to the ones I alreay knew and love, it’s been a trip ! Thanks Prince 4 all the Beautiful music




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