Guitar’s alive and well in modern hip hop

I’m pleasently surprised to know that the instrument I play is alive and well, and it’s been used in one of the most hip and modern productions of this year 2016…I’m talking of a fast, muted arpeggio in E minor played all thru the song, with another guitars that creates textures with chord changes, harmonics, and a sweet, bluesy, melancholic special flava that gives the song quality. I’m talking of K. Michelle “Mindful”-a wonderful example of a modern clash of old school, new style, american roots music and a great, pumping beat. This track begins with a muted arpeggio (that is not so easy to play, I tell ya) in E minor, with some legatos – some beautiful chord changes, natural harmonics and a wonderful guitar arrangement.

Michelle is a great american singer who started with more RnB oriented music , like How many times



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