different styles and tones (part 2)

another thing I want to say (very important) is : how much aggressive is your guitar touch ? Take, for example Blackmore’s work in Highway Star (live in Japan) – back in 1972- He plays with extreme precision, but he also puts a lot of strength in his fingers (and wrists) and the result is amazing, as always…for Hard Rock fans, this must be one of the best performances ever and the song is legendary. Once again: tempo and groove- give the inputs for the guitar performance. Mind it.. Don’t ever forget this important thing.

Take another example (I’m not following a  rock timeline, here, just writing a few ideas as they come into my mind)  Van Halen (first album)

Van Halen…what an incredible, amazing musician, who did a  futuristic leap into the future, giving us a totally new musical world: powerful, optimistic, dreamy at the same time…very, very late 70s with sci-fi movies and tv shows like Mork and Mindy. I was a kid , back then…I only heard his music ( “Jump” ) when I was around 12 yrs old-and of course years later when I was studying guitar. Van Halen’s style is  colorful and complex to be described in this small article, but – speaking of guitar styles, I can easily affirm that he is the most important innovator in rock guitar- the man who brought us “the future”, if I can say so…Stunning light-speed legatos, played in some alien-new technique (back then)-a distorted, metallic but warm sound, full of natural and artificial harmonics – a personal, original way of playing music phrases, fills, riffs, rhythmic patterns,,,everything…I’m listening to Ain’t talkin bout love– which,  to be one of his best early works, does not have to many fast tuns, but it’s got different parts: the main “muted” riff (with flanger effect, possibly) some harmonics, clean arpeggios, a great, “futuristic” and bluesy/punkish solo…you see, all parts are different but they make a huge arrangement for a great song…



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