Different styles, different tones (part 1)

And different approaches to the guitar. I’m listening to “Good Times, Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin and I’m immediately brought back to that “late 60s” atmosphere, with happy chords and melodies (almost beat/psichedelia of the melodic kind) – the sound is created  (along with a super busy drum groove) with a series of blues/country/rock riffs played with a proper technique and  the right feeling coming maybe from the enthusiasm of being in a popular rock band, those years…what comes to my attention is that-even if, compared to other ways of playing -with more precise and modern techniques, this song sounds cool, and energetic. The soloing, with those pentatonic scales in triplets, make me think about Ace Freheley (Kiss), who probably was influenced by Jimmy Page and blues rock guitarists of the 60s. This kind of playing is simple, if you compare it to what guitarists have acheived with a piece of wood and metal strings-simple, but effective, for the mood and atmosphere they want to create- It immediately gives me the sense of freedom that was the 60s and part of the 70s- this style is energy, power, melody, magic and inspiration. Take another famous song Whole lotta love : a repetition of a great riff, simple, played with a minimum guitar technique- and that  rough, crunchy sound- that today would be considered “vintage” or just another choice in your pc guitar amp-plug-in-

But what comes to my attention is the psychological aspects of playing- the emotional aspects. I mean, there’s a lot of difference from this “loose, rough- yet laidback” approach and, say,,,Malmsteen’ s epic tunes and stiff preciseness. Or Nile Rodgers’ elegant funky rhythms , or Steve Vai’s incredible fluidity (check, for example, the solo in Ladies Nite in Buffalo-).So…what do I want to say with this little piece of writing of mine (wrote in a Sunday morning) ? A part of the fact that I need a big capuccino now , to give my mind a rest and fresh air to let new ideas enter my brain…well , a part of this, I realized that, techniques are influenced by tempo- and groove/rhtythm of the song /composition. Mind this, it’s really an important thing: the flux of the notes and the sounds in a music piece , either it is classical, jazz, rock, funky or other genres,,,,The guitarist must pay attention to this flux of infos, and, from experience and inspiration, he/she have to come up with something that fits in- perfectly.




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