Styles & Tones (part 3)

For something completely different, having already talked about the rock guitarists, it is impossible not to mention a world that is million miles away from rock, but it’s got the same importance :jazz music. And jazz music, to me (and probably Ritchie Blackmore) means especially Wes Montgomery. Listen to his velvet touch and dreamy key changes as he plays a classic :Round Midnight . Totally different from Rock…Jazz style of playing is made of an elegant touch, less strenght when striking the strings , absolute precision in every aspect of the song anad in the special case of Wes (and also a few great masters) an ever-changing melodic profile -that brings to a non-boring, intelligent, wonderful performance. Sweet sounding sweep arpeggios (those played with a single strike of the pick, in Montgomery’s case, the thumb.) and block chords of Too late now– where his playing reaches Heaven-like levels, and a smoothness almost unique in most other guitarists. Listen also to What the world needs now (Burt Bacharach) where he gives an interesting swing jazz  rendition of a classic pop song with super cool harmonies in third (at minute 1;50) that give me the chills (in a positive way of course)…what else to say?




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