One Century of Jazz (part 2-hypertechnique Fusion)

I alredy began talking about incredible guitarists with an over-the-top technique, composition skills like, for example Allan Horldsworth.

In this “part 2” I will add other great musicians, who really contributed to develop the new, modern techniques (I call them “hypertechniques” ) in a clever way.

Greg Howe



From the “intro lick” (or theme) of Jump Start, we can say, without a doubt, that this is a huge guitarist, a man capable of playing jazzy blues patterns, with a funky feel, at fast speed, and an incredible precision. All the composition is based on these blues-jazzy patterns, played in a modern way, that bring to neo-classical melodies (often fast, like in the chorus) played with a super precise legato technique…and the sensations we have are”freshness” and “modernity” (the year is 1993)

Listen also to no place like home– where Greg plays fast, liquid, melodies (often played in legato) that resemble Holdsworth in the choice of scales (more dissonants than Jump Start)

Guthrie Govan


Another great guitarist that combine a great knowldge of music theory and techniques (picking, legatos, everything) is Guthrie Govan. I personally like ” Fives” very much: it’s got that “Holdsworth” feeling of “fantasy videogame” that I love- his playing is precise,perfect and his soloing is more “easy listening”  and “Rock-oriented” than Holdsworth’s (being Allan more fusion-jazz-oriented) . Guthrie wrote another beautiful song that now is considered to be a classic : the sentimental, dreamy Waves




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