Gothic Rock Guitar and the min7 obsession

It seems that in the Golden Age of Gothic/New Wave music (the 80s) everybody was obsessed with the min7 chord. Jazz influences or just too much listening to that Black Sabbath ‘s intermezzo (played in arpeggio at 5:50 in the song War Pigs )…?

What I’m sure is that this chord, if it’s used in jazz, lounge, new age, bossa nova…it’s one thing. But with distortion and some chorus effect, as’s a total different animal…listen to this song by Killing Joke (one of the most famous bands coming from that era) Love like blood – it’s responsible for a good 80 percent of the mood and atmosphere of the track.

Another example : Candyman by Siouxsie & the Banshees – the main riff is played in arpeggio, but the arpeggio is basically a min7 chord …

The Cure loved this chord, and the first song that comes to my mind is Lullaby– even if the sound is very mild compared to the other tracks I mentioned so far…

In the late 80s the Spanish band Heroes Del Silencio recorded this song, Entres dos tierras  which I feel very very “Killing Joke/early Goth Rock” influenced…




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