Gothic Rock Classics: Fascination Street

Fascination Street by The Cure is very peculiar as a Gothic Rock song, because it’s got different moods in different moments of the song (althought they last for few seconds, like the Impressionist music of late 1800)…At the beginning of the song I noticed a  “strange sounding” chord, played in descending arpeggio. I played on my guitar and found out it’s got the 13th (extension of the basic triad, and 6th, in the high octave) and the augmented ninth (9#) as a dissonant note ,played with the bass in C.

It’s really  strange to find out these kind of arrangements in “Dark” music but the result is really, really Artistic – the song features Robert Smith’s simple little solos (with the minor scale, in Cm) that create textures with Pearl Thompson’s guitars and Roger O’ Donnel ‘s keyboards (very asian-sounding) – the guitar textures sound gothic as always, and the use of (1) minot 7th chord -in a small arpeggio on Gm, confirms my opinion about the fact that “Goths ” really used to love that chord, especially with a mild distortion.. the little solos are played with ” flanger” effect, delicate slide technique and the usual minimal approach.



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