Gothic Rock Classics: Spellbound (Siouxsie & the Banshees)

Spellbound (1st song of “Juju”)


These days I’m really into Gothic Rock…must be a nostalgia thing…anyway: I’m listening to  more and more songs by Siouxsie & the Banshees, what an incredible, beautiful surprise…to find out that this band wrote a lot of amazing, creative music, that sounds fresh nowadays, as it sounded fresh back in the 80s! I wanna talk about the style, the arrangements, the ideas of this unique band, who are considered amongst the first Goth bands, but their music includes a lot of experimentations with other genres like psichedelia and music harmonies that come from…jazz ! Well, not exactly in the use of the instruments, that is Rock-oriented, with distorted guitars and powerful drums-it’s more based on the chords progressions. The song opens with some cool arpeggios of the chords Dm7, Dm, G7/B and G7/4. In the chorus, guitarist John Mc Geoch plays a serie of “7/4” chords (chords without the 3rd, so neither major nor minor) that, moving in  parallel harmony (all notes in the same direction), create a sense of “abstract, surreal” atmosphere, away from the consonance of tonal harmony-

It’s “new wave”…but it’s more. Artistic Rock, I would say. Back to those wonderful times when “thinking out of the box” was welcome…say no more…

I will cover more Siouxsie’s songs, in the oncoming days, I’ve been thinking about writing something about the guitar in the “new wave” era -althought someone should think about another term,,,,new wave is no longer new,,,or is it ?



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  1. Hey, somehow your comment got stuck in the “probable spam” folder in Youtube and I got no notification of it, sorry. I liked your article! If you dig in a bit deeper into the Banshees catalog you’ll find some more tracks that approach jazz and some other styles, sometimes in a more obvious way than on Spellbound. I think, above all, they were a quality pop band, that had a darker side. 🙂

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    1. thanks , I’ll be checking them carefully

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